Featured Artists and creatives

Alongside her own artwork, Jane showcases new artists on a regular basis, bringing diversity and talent each month.

If you are interested in becoming one of the featured artists, come and say hello and let’s look at your work.

Pastel on sandpaper, beautiful delicate images of birds, with such character and detail.
Original pieces and limited edition prints available for Christmas.
Prices from 30 euros

AGNÈS  (ceramics from nimes)

Ceramics are a passion of mine, and when I found Agnès and her creations, it was love at first sight. Rich earthy terracottas, woven with blues and creams swirl magnificently through each individual piece with a finesse and glossy glaze. No two are the same, it really is original art at it’s very best.

Included in her range are expresso cups, dishes, bowls and carafes.

Prices from 12 euros to 70 euros

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